zondag 26 oktober 2014

My Pictures publised in Whispering Flowers

"Whispering Flowers" showcases Ikebana arrangements especially inspired by the beauty of a single kind of flower - their colors, lines, shapes and meaning.

This autumn, some of my pictures were publised by Stichting Kunstboek in their new Ikebana book.

Dahlia by Ekatarina Seehaus (Flowers) and Frank Van Den Block (Photography)

This book goes back to the basics and has seasonal flowers (that can be found all around the globe and in every climate) dictate the shapes, materials and colors of the arrangements. This approach, letting one kind of flower play the leading role, leaves room for a lot of interpretation and can give rise to both the traditional arrangement as well as more contemporary Ikebana pieces.

A colorful addition to previously released books on Ikebana: Ikebana Today, Contemporary Ikebana and Ikebana through all Seasons.

Cyclamen & Artemisia stelleriana by Ekatarina Seehaus (Flowers) and Frank Van Den Block (Photography)

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