donderdag 11 juni 2015

Poetical Ikebana for Stichting Kunstboek

Two of my pictures have been selected again for the yearly Ikebana photobook, published by Stichting Kunstboek.

This year the theme was "Poetical Ikebana". The Ikebana arrangments are by Ekaterina Seehaus from Grimbergen

From the introduction by Mit Ingelaere-Brandt: The combination of Ikebana and haiku is a more than successful one.

The similarities between the arts go far beyond their Japanese origins. The seductive simplicity of haiku, its subtleties and sparse use of words, its silences and depth of meaning, its rhythms and seasons... these are only some of the characteristics that haiku shares with Ikebana.

a lightning flash -
the sound of water drops
falling through bamboo

i had forgotten
that children coloured
the streets so brightly