zondag 30 november 2014

Zapping Box by Le Fil Mauve

Le Fil Mauve: pole, dance and theater duo.

Imagine that you are sitting in front of your TV screen, zapping involuntarily from one channel to another. Bizarrely, you see scenes that remind you of programs that have been broadcast all over the world. You zap through concepts and emotions with two poles as the sole setting.

Here is the challenge that the duo Le Fil mauve, composed of Veronica Cruz and Sarah Cavenaile, will present to you: a combination of contemporary and pole dance, acrobatics, theatre, and acrobalance.

donderdag 27 november 2014

Pole Fusion Festival Competition - Part Two

Some more pictures taken of the International Pole Fusion Competion

9. Marie Cherry, revisiting her youth

10. Sevinç Joy G from Turkey, the biggest revelation of the night

11. Isabella Wandschneider from Austria

12. Aurélia Wijnen & Nath Lennoir

13. Florence Renaut

14. Elena Fernandes Llinares

15. Stef Viegas and her Frankenstein Monster/Sleeping Beauty

16. Ytsje Rosier & Gabusia Swat, my favourite bikerchicks :)

The picture of the first part of the competition can be found here

woensdag 26 november 2014

Pole Fusion Competition - Part One

During the first Belgian Pole Festival, Sarahcademy organized a real Pole Fusion Competion. Theme was "Fusion"

The concept of “fusion” means the combination of pole dance with all kinds of dance, performing arts and/or theatrical performances, as well as a mix of age, gender and size. It encourages group choreographies of any kind and research into new ways of conceiving pole dance or the performer-audience relationship and these were the competitors:

and these were the competitors during the first part:

1. Emilie Tranchard, a professional firefighter who used fire as part of her act

2. Magali Flamme

3. Patty Lou, who explored the masculine side of pole dancing

4. Ambre Loiseaux and Nada Malusa, revisting the fairy tale of Pinocchio

5. Tine Poullet, het Opperpaalbeest :)

6. Florine Lauvergne from France

7. Cathalijne Van Weert

8. Jorge Lera, the only male participant in the competition, with a mix of pole and flamenco

dinsdag 25 november 2014

Pole Fusion Festival

Last weekend Sarahcademy organized the first Belgian Pole Dance festival.

Aurélia Wijnen & Nathalie Lennoir

During three days we saw a mixture of shows, workshops, competitions and jam sesssions.

Ytse Rosier & Gabusia Swiat

It was an international affair with participants coming from all over Europe.

Jorge Lera

It was a great opportunity to test the ISO values of my trusted Canon 40D

Florine Lauvergne

One of the highlights was the performance of Zapping Box: a combination of contemporary and pole dance, acrobatics, theatre, and acrobalance

Sarah Cavenaile & Veronica Cruz