maandag 17 januari 2011

Asia's 7 Sins

In 2008 I had a wonderful shoot with Asia in her appartment. The idea was to bring the 7 deadly sins to life by using accessories and specific colours.

Invidia or Envy

Gula or gluttony

vrijdag 14 januari 2011

A Man and his Bass

It's always nice to have some friends or colleagues in the studio. Take Erwin for example, a colleague from my NTI-Lerian days when I was still teaching Dutch and Italian.

We ran into each other not so long ago at the Bewegingsschool where our children go every Sunday.

It turns out he is not only a teacher, but also a bass player. Here are some pictures of him practising on his Fender Jazz Bass.

donderdag 13 januari 2011

Pregnancy shoot with C & D & E

It's always a pleasure when friends or colleagues drop by for a quick photoshoot. Take for example D. & E. who both work for the same company as I. We have known each other for ten years now, and E. even did some modelling work for our company.

We tried different approaches, including Low Key and Black & White.

They have a wonderful baby girl now, and we wish them all the best

A Spy in the House of Love

Some time ago I had the opportunity to have a shoot in a House of Love. Isn't it a wonderful name for such a place? It sounds like something out of a Jim Morrison song

The whole idea of the shoot was to create a sense of voyeurism, where the camera takes the roll of a spy.